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Supplier Location:  United States (My Country)
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  • Buy Dehbid Beige Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Iran

    Dear suppliers, pleas send us your best offer for Dehbid beige marble slab. the price is FOB.

     please send us the related imaages along with the possible size. 


    Qatar-DOHA Jul 17,2018
  • Buy Bross Blue Granite Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: India
    I am looking for Bross blue Granites needed immediately.
    India Jul 17,2018
  • Buy Artificial Stone Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: China

    Dear suppliers, We are looking for artificial stones from China with big volume. 

    Please contact directly 

    Viet Nam-Hanoi Jul 17,2018
  • Buy Revolution Fire Quartzite Big Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Brazil,China
    I am looking for Brazil Polished Revolution Fire Quartzite Big Slabs 20mm give me price plz!
    Russian-Moscow Jul 16,2018
  • Bug Sukabumi Green Stone Pool Pavers

    Request Supplier Location: Indonesia,China,Malaysia,Viet Nam
    I am looking for Sukabumi Green Stone. 100x100mm Natural surface finished for swimming pool Thickness 20mm quantity required. 2.000m2 Ibiza (Spain)
    Spain-Valencia Jul 16,2018
  • Buy India and China Granite, Marble

    Request Supplier Location: India,China

    Dear Suppliers, we are looking for granite & marble of China , India: imperial gold, red multicolor, Tan Brown, black galaxy, Light emperado, Cream Marfil.

    If you can supply granite and Marble, please contact direct to my email or Mobile number.  

    Thank you

    Viet Nam-Ha Noi City Jul 16,2018
  • Buy Quartz Stone Aggregate

    Request Supplier Location: United States
    Need 16 to 20 tons of 1 inch stone quartz aggregate delivered to Salt Springs, Florida.
    USA-Florida-Ocala Jul 15,2018
  • Buy Venato White Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    We are looking for this slab for 250m2- see attached picture-. Please send us the photo of the stone and its price. 


    Australia-New South Wales -Blacktown Jul 14,2018
  • Buy Arabescato Orobico Rosato Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Germany,Italy

    I want to buy Arabescato Orobico Rosato 30,5x30,5x1 cm 5 pieces for the floor in the bath.

     Is it possible to buy these with you? 

    Thanks und kind regards

    Germany Jul 14,2018
  • Buy Nubian Grey Limestone

    Request Supplier Location: Egypt
    I am looking for Nubian Grey Limestone. mirror finish 1200mm X2400 mm 3000 sq.ft at chennai, india pls let us know the price also including freight.
    India Jul 14,2018
  • Buy Lapis Lazuli

    Request Supplier Location: Pakistan,Afghanistan,Italy,Bolivia,Madagascar,Namibia
    Dear Sirs, We need urgently a sample of lapis Lazulli. Looking forward to hearing from you Regards,
    Portugal-Matosinhos Jul 13,2018
  • Buy Greek White Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Bulgaria,Macedonia,Greece

    Dear Sir, Please send me photo and best price. I will need white marble. 

    Polished slabs 2 cm. 

    Total project near 5000 sqm. 

    I will need commercial choice.


    France-Pleyber-Christ Jul 13,2018
  • Buy Black Gold Marble Block

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Black Gold Marble in rough stones for carvings
    USA Jul 13,2018
  • Buy Green Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Hello, I am looking for a small sample of your Atlantic Green marble. 

    Thank you

    USA-California-Los Angeles Jul 13,2018
  • Buy White Marble and Brown Granite Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Hello, I am interested in delivery of white marble and brown granite in slabs to Belarus. What prices will you offer for the requested names and sizes in the attached specification. 

    With respect

    Give me Your email so I can send the specification on demand.

    Belarus Jul 13,2018
  • Buy Vietnam White Marble

    Request Supplier Location: Viet Nam

    Dear Sir, kindly we need urgently full Technical details/Data sheets for Vietnam White marble: Bulk Density Water Absorption (by wt%) Compressive Strength (Mpa) Mohs Scale of Hardness Flexural Strength (Mpa) Slip Resistance (SRV) Surface roughness (Rz) Slip STD class Abrasion Resistance (mm) Modulus of Rupture (Mpa) Porosity (wt %) Breaking Strength (Mpa) Awaiting your reply, 

    Best regards Giulia

    Italy-Pietrasanta Jul 13,2018
  • Buy Sunny Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: Egypt

    Dear Sirs! We need Sunny marble blocks. 2 containers. What is the price per ton? 

    Best Regards

    Russian-Kaliningrad-Kaliningrad Jul 13,2018
  • Buy Rosso Rubino, Rosso Collemandina Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Italy

    Buonasera, sto cercando 150 mq di lastre sp.2cm Finitura lucida di Rosso Rubino/ collemandina /Barocco. Disponibilità immediata

    *I'm looking for 150 square meters of slabs sp.2cm Glossy finish of Rosso Rubino / collemandina / Barocco.
    Immediate availability

    Italy-San Gregorio Magno Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Wall and Floor Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Egypt,India,Brazil,Iran,China
    I am in the market for a floor and wall finish. QTY req 1200 sqm Please reply me via whats app or email
    Trinidad and Tobago-Freeport Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Thassos Snow White Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,Italy,Bulgaria,Spain,Macedonia,Greece

    I am looking for 400 m2 of Thassos Snow White Marble Slabs or tiles 60x60cm or 80x80cm. 

    Please to send me your best export price CFR to Morocco Casablanca.

    Waiting for your reply, 

    Kind regards,

    Morocco Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Giallo Vitoria Granite Slabs 3cm

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Giallo Vitoria Granite I want bus slabs 2 and 3 cm
    Poland Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Stone Cutting Machine, Polishing Machine

    Request Supplier Location: China

    Hello, I'm Amanda. As a representative of an Egyptian co. for marble and granite machinery, I've been engaged in searching for a marble and granite machine supplier. we have many many orders from various clients for gang saw, polishing machine, block cutters..and so on... We are interested in customized products in order to maintain quality and reduce price. pls note that competition is very high in our market. 

    thanks in advance

    Egypt Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Natural Stone Column

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for a column provider (but not only) for my projects.
    height 5 - 9 meters
    Roman, Greek style
    type of stone - I examine any kind columns - full, hollow, folded from elements - I consider every type.
    Quantities for one project about 100 pieces.
    I am looking for price and quality for long-term cooperation (and not only in columns)
    Thank you for your answer.
    Poland Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Crema Peach Marble

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    We are looking on a restaurant project in London and are looking for Crema Peach Marble.
    Would it be possible to get a sample piece of this marble delivered to our London office?
    Many thanks,
    UK-London Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Nero Africa Granite Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: South Africa,Zimbabwe

    Dear Sir / Madam, We are the biggest producer of thick granite slabs in Poland. We have network of 24 warehouses located in Poland and one in Slovakia. We are buying granite blocks directly from the quarries. We are looking for long-term blocks supplier of Nero Africa. The owner of our company is going to South Africa next month. He will be in Johannesburg / Brits area between 11th -18th of August. He would like to visit your company and the quarry at that time. If you are interested in to establishing cooperation, kindly ask you to send us a message with whom we can contact and arrange the meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards 

    Poland-Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Jul 12,2018
  • Buy G682 Granite Pavers

    Request Supplier Location: China

    Looking for G682 600x300x30mm flamed finish or bush hammered with 3mm bevel edges. 

    We are wholesaler, we start with 1 container then on-going order. 

    Please provide FOB price with pictures.


    Australia-Western Australia-Forrestdale Jul 12,2018
  • Buy Cipollino Apuano Slabs, Italy Green Marble

    Request Supplier Location: Italy

    Hi, I am looking for grey Cipollino marble, much like the fourth picture you've got here of the Apuano. It shall be used as a table top. 

    One plate shall be 79,7 x 79,7 cm and 2,5 cm thick. I think the surface shall be finished rockfaced, so it has a very rough surface. 

    Is this something you guys can do? 

     Best regards 

    Denmark Jul 11,2018
  • Buy Grey Gneiss/ Quartzite Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I need price for 1200х600х30mm 2600 м2 (sq.m) like on the photo, might be Honed or Brushed surface
    Ukraine-Kiev Jul 11,2018
  • Buy G684 and G654 Granite Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: China

    Looking for G684 and G654 600x300x30mm flamed finish with 3mm bevel edges on top surface. FOB price.

     We are wholesaler so we will start with 1 container order then more as on-going.

    Australia-Western Australia-Forrestdale Jul 11,2018
  • Buy White Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Material: Volakas or Vietnam white or equivalent (JUST WHITE MARBLES)
    Quantity: 40.000 sqm
    Delivery: FOB or CNF Astana Kazakhstan
    Measures: 2x60x60 cm 2x60x90 cm 2x60x120 cm
    3x60x60 cm 3x60x90 cm 3x60x120 cm
    Productıon time: it is necessary to write the production time
    The offer period is fifteen days 
    The following specifications will not enter into the evaluation of non-compliant proposals. 
    After the period of the proposal has been filled, the companies will be contacted as appropriate.
    Price will be given to all of the following measures
    Kazakhstan-Astana Jul 11,2018
  • Buy Emser Woodstock-Charcoal Porcelain Tile

    Request Supplier Location: United States

    Emser Woodstock-Charcoal 16 x 24, porcelain tile (400 x 600 mm) Shade 501 Looking for 450 square feet. 

    If less available would still consider

    USA Jul 11,2018
  • Buy Black Slate Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: India,China

    Hello! We are interesting black slate or sandstone. 400m2 Price FOB? 


    Ukraine-Volodarsk-volynskij Jul 10,2018
  • Buy Grey Opal Marina Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    I want to purchase (1) box of 12 x 12 Grey Opal Marina tiles.  

    Can you please provide a cost for one box and shipping cost to Santa Ana, California, USA?

     Please contact me if you need additional information.

    USA-California-Santa Ana Jul 10,2018
  • Buy Sinai Pearl Marble

    Request Supplier Location: Egypt,Italy
    I want to buy Sinai Pearl Marble tables 2-3-4cm and tiles 60x40x2 and 60x60x2cm.
    Spain Jul 10,2018
  • Buy Bianco Gironda Marble

    Request Supplier Location: Italy

    I am looking for Bianco Gironda Marble. Polished, large tiles. 

     The sq2 is 56.12, please advise price and lt.

    UK-Poundbury Jul 10,2018
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